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Stefani Longshamp
April "Ap' Jackson

 With a B.A. in psychology and minor in business, and over 15+ years working with students. April is the Founder and Creator of Students With Aspiring Goals( S.W.A.G.)™. April has been able to pilot and implement SWAG, its curriculum, content, and contract at numerous organizations over the last 10 years. From Piloting and implementing the SWAG Student Store™  through the Norwalk Housing Authority Learning Centers where middle & high school youth were encouraged to tap into their ingenuity, learned entrepreneurship and financial literacy, job readiness, interview skills, presentation skills, Life skills and more. Students received an opportunity to be hands-on & immersed working in their very own student-run store where they handled all aspects of the business from the ground up through the SWAG sales & business model™.  To implementing Jr.SWAG™ an age-appropriate condensed version of the program for K-5 students, where their middle school and high school Swagleaders™ helped facilitate learning programs, entrepreneurship, and financial literacy skills and awareness while serving as big buddies and mentors. April has promoted healthy eating, health, fitness, commitment,  and perseverance through Fit & Fun,  Gym Games,  Sports clinics, and 1-on- 1's. A career athlete with experience in field hockey, basketball, track, softball, and tennis April understands the importance of teamwork and camaraderie, discipline, goals, and motivation; and works hard to infuse all parts of programming with the many skills and talents she has learned whether in sports, academia, and or as a professional working for schools, after schools, and non-profits.  

Max Reinert
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