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About SWAG. Entrepreneurship, Health & Wellness, The Arts, Technology, Community 

SWAG (Students With Aspiring Goals) is a pioneer in empowering students with valuable skills that can help them in growing, learning, and being prepared for life. We offer through clubs and programs a wide array of entrepreneurship, job-readiness skills and employment, financial literacy, enrichment and skills-development  that will not only make students self-sufficient but also allow them to flourish swiftly. SWAG is a multifaceted academic & life-skill enrichment program, aiming to disseminate the knowledge without the bias of nationality, gender, or ethnicity with a concentration on inner-city and minority youth.  Our primary motive is to train young minds in such a way that they can become successful in managing the most important business first themselves and then their careers whether professionals and/or entrepreneurs and lead the world from the front.  

Why Us?

Though there are several mentorship, academic, after school, during school and weekend programs out there, what distinguishes SWAG is its ability to offer a fun, friendly, safe, hands on, immersive and lenient learning environments, which could enable the students to question and counter the normative arguments. Instead of utilizing the traditional pedagogical methods, we resort to innovative teaching practices that quadruple productivity.  Our clubs and program offerings are epitomes of collaboration and teamwork. Students also get the opportunity to gain soft skills and life skills, employment, and  job readiness skills. They get to implement the entrepreneurship track in student run, educator facilitated and supported real working environments, incubators, and stores which service the community and facilitate the needs of the community and patrons. Our programs, clubs, courses, and content,  are designed in a unique way, which wards off the usual monotony that mentees and students have to endure while reading and participating in subjects. With that being said, SWAG is truly unbeatable when it comes to learning, hands on immersion and skills development. 

Our Goal 

SWAG aspires to produce a generation of individuals that can create a promising future for themselves and others. We strive to inculcate the values of compassion, honesty, and integrity in student's so that they can help others and make this world a better place to live. We want to produce such doctors, tradesmen and woman, engineers, lawyers, athletes, musicians, scientists, business managers, and politicians who can work for the overall wellbeing of society and contribute towards the success of others. SWAG informs students that they can possess un-hidden and hidden potential as well; which can be tapped into to conquer uncharted territories. We incite the feelings of encouragement in mentees and  students and show and equip them with the necessary tools, resources, experiences, opportunities and more to show how they can overcome all sorts of challenges by tackling their fears. 

Connect with Us!

Whether you want to be the next successful mentee , student or entrepreneur. Create a worthwhile professional career, volunteer, or aspire to excel in your academic journey, joining SWAG is a game changer. Our clubs, programs,  and enrichment activities, are affordable on the pocket and highly-influential on minds and spirit instilling inspiration and passion throughout. You would definitely find a new curiosity in your souls after coming to us. We have an extensive history not only working with private organizations, after- schools, non-profits and more; we are able to tailor and customize programs to fit your students needs. 


Our Programs

  • Get Fit: Fit and Fun™

  • S.O.S: Students Of Success ™

  • LifeSkills

  • Jr.SWAG™

  • YngEinstein™

  • BooksNBuild™

  • FaithFills™

  • Pathway2Prov™

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