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Providing The Inspiration and Fun You Need


The benefits of having a mentor are profound, We provide mentoring for students and children age 12+.  Tailoring mentoring  activities, enrichment, outings and programs that are unique to each individual yet embody the principles of providing support, safety, confidence, inspiration , fun and more. 

List of Mentoring ranges from 

one-on one  

Therapeutic Support Services

Support Services

and Community Based Life Skills. 

Whether you're looking for a mentor for your self , a loved one, or someone you may know; reach out to learn more about our  programs and services.


Mentees are able to have access to clubs, programs, activities and events. Contact for more info.

Clubs and Activities

Whether you're looking to expand and/or improve your reading, looking for ways to volunteer and give back, build friendships and camaraderie , or a space to relax and unwind our clubs and activities provide opportunities for students to have access to tutors, mentors, and support. We believe in inspiring and equipping students with the tools and resources to live and lead healthy lives all while having fun and growing.

Where Fun Lives

Imagine being in a space that allows you to let go and be you, to find you. To build and strengthen relationships. Make memories and build confidence. To learn new skills, and create. Thats what SWAG is . We challenge students to find their inner power, while supporting and providing them with activities in enrichment, and life -skills. We provide the tools , resources, the events and fun and you bring you, your imagination, and willingness to grow.  Cheers to finding and building you in a fun and unique way, that challenges and promotes   confidence, character, and a feeling of empowerment and inspiration.

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