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SWAG takes pride in offering services of highly-qualified and professional mentors. Whether students want to ascertain the prospects of their future or intend to know about a particular field, we provide profound mentoring and advice to curious minds. In our mentorship program, engagements, and courses, we talk to students, build healthy and safe relationships, exclusively assist them in skills training, academic training, career planning, life skills, outings and engagements, problem-solving and more. We know no boundaries in tools and resources, or genders and utilize the combination of interviews, demonstrations and instructions in our mentorship programs, engagements, and courses to create an influential learning environment, that is fun and unique to each mentee. They consist of our philosophy of integrity, character, respect, accountability, growth, inspiration, empowerment and a willingness to learn. Lastly, our adept facilitators conduct face-to-face with mentees , support and provide workshops, access to family nights and events, and connect with parents, guardians, and support so that a strong bond of trust can be built between the mentors and mentees. 

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